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Why use a podcast monitoring tool?

Podcasts offer huge opportunities for brands to reach their target audience and podcast monitoring is the gateway to building a successful PR strategy on a fast-growing channel.

Rephonic's monitoring tool allows PR professionals to understand where they are being mentioned and to gain insights into these podcasts. Once you know which type of shows want to feature your brand, you can start pitching.

Podcast listener growth year on year.

How to track podcast mentions with Rephonic

Track two million podcasts across any category

Monitor podcasts across a wide range of industries and topics including Business, Health and Fitness, Science, News and more.

We scan the title and show notes of every newly published episode across 2m+ podcasts.

Collection of podcast artwork.

Get email alerts for podcast mentions

Set up alerts to get a daily or weekly email whenever your keyword, brand, person or topic is mentioned in a podcast episode.

Find the podcasters talking about the topics that you care about and let your clients know as soon as they're covered.

Email alert on Rephonic for podcast episodes containing the climate keyword.

Stay in the loop

Tens of thousands of new podcast episodes are released every day. Be the first to know which podcasts are discussing your keywords and that need your attention.

Podcast episode show notes containing keywords.

Understand the value of podcast mentions

Get a better picture of your brand exposure by exploring data for any show. See podcast listener numbers, social media followers, chart rankings and more to understand how valuable a mention is.

Listener numbers and contact info for the Reply All podcast.

Make informed decisions with podcast insights

Make the right decisions for your campaign strategies through podcast monitoring and data.

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