Apple Podcasts Charts

View the Apple Podcasts charts by country. Tap on a country and select a category to see all top-ranking podcasts. Dive deeper into each show's stats with listener numbers, social followers, contact info and more.

Looking for podcast data? Rephonic gives you listeners numbers, contacts and more across 3m+ podcasts.

How do the Apple Podcast rankings work?

Apple keeps the exact algorithm a secret but they state that their podcast rankings are determined by a mixture of listening figures, the number of followers, and episode completion rates. These factors are seen as indicators of a show's quality.

How often are the Apple Podcasts charts updated?

Only Apple knows how often their charts are updated, but the rankings you see on Rephonic are updated daily.

Are the iTunes charts the same as Apple Podcasts?

In 2019, Apple announced that iTunes would be split into several apps, one of which is Apple Podcasts. Podcasts that were once on iTunes are now found on Apple Podcasts, which Rephonic provides the current rankings for.

What is Rephonic helpful for?

The podcast charts are designed to help people discover new shows so it's not uncommon for break-out shows with few listeners to rank highly. Rankings are therefore not directly linked to audience size.

Rephonic provides a range of podcast stats to help users better understand a show's popularity, including estimated listener numbers, ratings, reviews, social reach and more.

How can I find my Apple Podcasts ranking?

Use Rephonic's search tool to find your show. Head to the podcast page and scroll down toward the bottom. If your show currently ranks in any country or category you'll see the position listed.

How can I see the Apple Podcasts charts?

You can view the Apple Podcasts charts using Rephonic. Simply select a country and tap on the category that you want to see the rankings for.

Rephonic provides these charts so you have a starting point to work out which shows to pitch as a guest or sponsor.