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To pitch podcasts effectively, it's essential to research them thoroughly to make sure you're a good match, ensure you have the right contact information, and keep track of pitches and responses.

Rephonic makes all of this easy. We provide you with everything you need to stay organised, save time, and ace your next podcast campaign.

New customers and subscribers gained from getting featured on podcasts.

How to pitch a podcast with Rephonic

Find podcasts in any niche

Access over two million shows and quickly find the ones that cover the subjects most important to you.

Search our podcast database for a specific topic to see a full list of relevant shows. Set up email alerts to know when an episode is discussing your keywords.

Create a target list of podcasts

Build a target list of shows for each of your outreach campaigns. Lists are always up-to-date with the latest podcast data and contacts.

Create a dynamic list from any set of search results. Use them to find more leads as soon as new shows fit the same criteria. Keep on top of the constantly evolving podcast landscape.

Target list of Real Estate podcasts on Rephonic.

Let us find you the best podcast emails

Can't see any good contacts listed on our database for a specific podcast? Request the concierge service and our team of researchers will find you the best and most up-to-date contact information.

Save yourself hours of research time every week and focus on what you do best.

Better podcast contact information with Rephonic's concierge service.

Export the data and take it anywhere

Export any list as a CSV file and download it to your computer. Exports include podcast emails, social media accounts, listener numbers and lots more.

Import the file into Excel, Google Sheets, your CRM or other software to speed up your podcast pitching.

Podcast data exported as a CSV file from Rephonic.

Add notes to podcasts

Whether you're working alone or in a team, it can be useful to add notes to a podcast.

Use notes to keep track of shows that you have already pitched, or to add bits of proprietary information that you may have learned directly from the host.

When you or one of your team members adds a note to a podcast it will appear on the home screen so everyone is aligned.

Notes for The Minimalists podcast on Rephonic.

Share target lists with your team

Share lists with your team and work together. Collaborate and run your outreach campaigns more efficiently.

Sharing a list with a team member lets them add or remove podcasts and share it with others.

PR team sharing a podcast media list with Rephonic.

Download any podcast as a PDF

Need to share a podcast and all of its data with a client or a third party?

Download any podcast as a PDF file. It gets white-labeled to include your company name and remove our branding.

Podcast data downloaded as a PDF file from Rephonic.

Discover what else Rephonic can do

Quickly get featured on podcasts with our all-in-one tool.

Listener Data

Listener Numbers
Gender Skew
Audience Location

Podcast Information

Contact Info
Related Shows
Chart Rankings
Social Links

Everything you need for podcast outreach and research

Rephonic reveals valuable podcast data so you can pitch the right shows and maximize opportunities.

Guest Appearances

Discover relevant podcasts, reach out and get booked. Get your message out to the right listeners.

PR for Clients

Find podcast PR opportunities for your clients with our podcast media database. Get more bookings.


Grow your audience by researching the most relevant shows to partner with and cross-promote.


Advertise your business by discovering the top podcasts in your industry that share your target audience.

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