Rephonic's Mission

Discovering, researching and qualifying podcasts is frustrating and time consuming. The data is spread out all over the web and it takes a lot of manual work to collect it all together in your spreadsheet or CRM. Plus the data is already out-of-date as soon as you finish collecting it.

Getting verified download numbers from a publisher is important, but sometimes you just need a ballpark figure to make a quick decision.

Once you've identified a promising lead, contacting a show requires even more manual work and it's not always possible to find an email address on the podcast's website.

Rephonic's mission is to be the independent, reliable source of truth for all kinds of data in the podcast industry. The goal is to save you time and help you to make better decisions with comprehensive data and robust discovery of shows in any niche.

James Potter, Founder
James Potter the founder of Rephonic.