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Listener numbers and contact info for The Daily podcast
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Listener numbers and contact info for The Daily podcast

Access listener numbers and contact info for any podcast

Finding and researching podcasts to get featured on is slow and time-consuming work. Rephonic gives you listener demographics and podcast information across more than three million podcasts.

Discover the best shows in your niche, figure out which ones are the most promising and get the right contact details to reach out fast with our all-in-one tool.

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Everything you need for podcast outreach and research

Rephonic reveals valuable podcast data so you can pitch the right shows and maximize opportunities.

Guest Appearances

Discover relevant podcasts, reach out and get booked. Get your message out to the right listeners.

PR for Clients

Find podcast PR opportunities for your clients with our podcast media database. Get more bookings.


Grow your audience by researching the most relevant shows to partner with and cross-promote.


Advertise your business by discovering the top podcasts in your industry that share your target audience.

Find Podcasts

Find the right podcasts for any topic or niche

Quickly find the podcasts that cover the topics most important to you. No more trawling the charts looking for leads.

Use advanced filters to narrow your search to the right shows, like marketing podcasts with more than 5000 listeners that skew female.

Rephonic search results for digital marketing podcasts.

Get the right contacts. Pitch podcasts at scale.

Get the contact info you need to reach out fast including email addresses and social media accounts.

Save hours every week keeping spreadsheets up-to-date and focus on what you do best.

Podcast emails for Hidden Brain.
Target Lists

Build your outreach campaigns with target lists

Wave goodbye to static spreadsheets. Create target lists of podcasts for your campaign that always stay up-to-date. Collaborate with your team and speed up your outreach.

Target list of Real Estate podcasts on Rephonic.

Tap into the power of podcasting

Podcasts are fast becoming the best place to reach your audience. More than 40% of Americans aged 12+ now listen to podcasts every month.

Rephonic gives you the data and contacts you need to find the best podcasts and pitch guests or sponsorship deals.

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Speed up your outreach with the pitch editor

Rephonic makes pitch craft effortless. Choose from a range of winning templates or add your own and customize it for each podcast.

Templates can be used by your whole team to boost efficiency. Send well-crafted pitches from your own email account or CRM in a couple of clicks.

Pitching wizard

Discover what else Rephonic can do

Quickly get featured on podcasts with our all-in-one tool.

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Customer Story

How SoundBite uses Rephonic to cut their podcast research time by 90 percent

Rephonic took an agonizingly manual search process – one that took hours and hours – and created a shockingly easy-to-use podcast database. It lifts the veil of secrecy by providing demographic data I only dreamed of having.

From a productivity standpoint alone, it cut my research time by at least 90 percent. Rephonic is magical, and I'm singing its praises from the rooftop.

Nora Murray
Founder, SoundBite Communications
Nora Murray customer of Rephonic

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Access listener numbers and contact info for any podcast.
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