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Growing your customer base through podcast appearances.

Grow your business through podcast advertising

Whether you're looking to run a host-read ad, an influencer marketing campaign, or something else entirely, Rephonic saves you time and makes identifying podcasts to pitch easy and data-driven.

Incorporate podcast sponsorships into your marketing or PR strategy and get the word out on one of the fastest-growing channels today.

Yearly increase in ROI by advertising on podcasts.

Why advertise on podcasts?

The conversion rate is high

A podcast lead's conversion rate can be 7x higher than that of an average website visitor. Getting featured on podcasts is an effective way to boost your ROI.

Since listeners trust the hosts of their favourite podcasts, they are open to hearing guest interviews and are highly engaged.

New customers acquired from podcast sponsorship.

Get permanent brand exposure

Podcast ads are sewn into the episode and will be listened to for years to come. Getting your business mentioned will increase brand awareness over the long-term.

Brand exposure from getting on podcasts.

Podcast subscribers tend to be affluent

Getting your brand in front of people who are likely to buy your product or service is key to yielding a high ROI from your campaign.

Featuring on podcasts is a huge opportunity to convert listeners into customers as the more affluent someone is, the more likely they are to listen to podcasts.

Podcast subscriber making a purchase.

The number of podcast listeners is growing

Podcasting has become mainstream and is one of the fastest-growing channels to promote yourself or your business on.

In 2021, people spent a whopping 15 billion hours listening to podcasts, and it is estimated that by 2024 there will be 100 million listeners in the US alone.

Podcast listener growth year on year.

How Rephonic helps you to find and sponsor the right podcasts

Discovering the right shows to pitch and advertise on will make or break your campaign. Get everything you need to be successful with our comprehensive podcast database.

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