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Deliver high ROI with podcast guest bookings

Podcasting is a highly effective PR and marketing channel. The conversion rate of podcast leads can be 7x that of a standard web lead so it's a great way to boost your client's ROI.

Listeners tend to be affluent so get the message out to people who are more likely to take action and become customers. Ensure your clients benefit from long-term brand exposure.

Collection of podcast artwork.

Why you should use Rephonic's podcast media database

Find podcasts in the right industry

Search for podcasts by keyword based on topics, titles, publishers or episodes. When you've found the perfect podcast, Rephonic shows you others that share the same audience.

Build up as many media lists as you like and share them with your team or download a white-labelled version for your clients.

Target list of Real Estate podcasts on Rephonic.

Make data-driven decisions

View valuable audience demographics for every podcast including the number of listeners, gender skew, audience location, and engagement rates.

Drastically reduce the time it takes you to qualify podcasts and ensure you only pitch the best ones.

Podcast listener numbers and demographics.

Export the data and take it anywhere

Export any list as a CSV file and download it to your computer. Exports include podcast emails, social media accounts, listener numbers and lots more.

Import the file into Excel, Google Sheets, your CRM or other software so you can pitch podcasts at scale.

Podcast data exported as a CSV file from Rephonic.

Manage podcast connections with your team

Use notes to keep track of shows you have already pitched or add bits of information you may have learned from the host. Make sure your whole team is aligned.

When you or one of your team members adds a note to a podcast, it will appear on the home screen.

PR team recording notes for podcast pitches.

Save time searching for contacts

Get podcast emails for any show, including names and departments where available. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, our team of researchers will source better contact information for you.

Spend more time doing what you do best.

Better podcast contact information with Rephonic's concierge service.

Monitor your podcast coverage

Set up alerts to get a daily or weekly email whenever your keyword, brand, person or topic is mentioned in a podcast episode. Let your clients know as soon as they're covered.

Email alert on Rephonic for podcast episodes containing the climate keyword.

Keep track of prospects with the pipeline manager

Stay on top of your pitching workflow by updating the pipeline stage for each podcast in your campaign.

Collaborate with your team on the same pipeline and keep everyone in the loop.

Pipeline manager

Discover Rephonic's podcast media database

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What is a podcast media database?

A podcast media database is a resource that contains the names, contact details and other information for podcasts. It is a tool used by PR and Marketing agencies to speed up their podcast outreach and generate value for their clients.

How does Rephonic differ from other media databases?

Unlike other media databases that focus on traditional media and expanded their offerings to include podcast contact information, Rephonic's database has been developed 'podcast first'.

We provide comprehensive information for over three million podcasts, including contact details, listener numbers and demographics, pitch planning tools and more to help you maximize ROI for your clients.

Why should I use podcasts in my media outreach?

As with any fast-growing medium, there is a tremendous opportunity to generate high ROI from sponsorships or guest appearances. By 2024, there are expected to be 100 million listeners in the US alone.

As well as this, podcast listeners tend to be affluent and the conversion rate can be 7x higher than standard web leads.

How do podcasts fit in to my client's PR strategy?

Podcasts have become an incredibly popular medium for people to consume content. They allow hosts and guests to form a relationship with listeners and introduce them to products and services in a more genuine way than through bought media.

Not only do podcast listeners tend to be affluent, getting featured is an effective way to gain backlinks and build domain authority.