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Build your brand with guest appearances

Featuring on podcasts as a guest is a low-cost way to speak to listeners in your target audience. Tell your unique story and benefit from long-term exposure and improved reputation, whether you're a brand or individual.

Guest appearances offer a huge opportunity to grow your fan base or acquire your ideal customers if you plan them in a smart way.

Growing your customer base through podcast appearances.

How to get on podcasts with Rephonic

Discover shows in your industry

Use Rephonic's search tool to find podcasts that cover the topics relevant to you. If you've found the ideal podcast, see a list of related podcasts that share a similar audience.

Whether you're looking for shows with a large audience or more niche ones, use the advanced filters to find podcasts with the right number of listeners.

See if their target audience is a good match

Ensure you only spend time pitching and getting interviewed on podcasts that have the right target audience.

See listener demographics for over two million shows, including audience location, gender skew and engagement.

Podcast listener demographics including location, engagement and gender skew.

Check their social media stats and content

See how popular a show is by checking at a glance how many followers they have on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and more.

Explore their recent content using the social media links provided so you can mention it in your outreach email and increase your chances of being a guest on a podcast.

Social media links for Hidden Brain podcast.

See how podcasts perform in the charts

Learn how a show is performing in the Apple Podcasts charts across every country. See its ratings and reviews across every major app in one place.

Use this information to narrow down your list of shows worth reaching out to so you can spend more time building relationships and getting booked on top podcasts.

Podcast chart rankings by category and country.

Send an email pitch

Send personalised emails to your target podcasts and keep track of shows you've pitched by adding private notes in Rephonic.

We provide contact information for over two million shows, often including names and departments.

If you can't find the podcast emails you're looking for, our team of researchers will source better contacts for you.

Make powerful guest appearances

Discovering the right shows to get interviewed on will make or break your campaign. Rephonic provides everything you need to be a guest on the best podcasts.

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Podcast Information

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Pitch Planning Tools

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