How to Do a Podcast Tour: 5 Steps to Grow Your Audience

Ever noticed the same guest popping up in interviews all over your favorite podcast app? You'd never heard their name before, then suddenly they're everywhere. Perhaps they're on a podcast tour.

When James Clear launched his book Atomic Habits, I heard him interviewed on multiple shows. Similarly, Cathy Heller appeared on five shows in as many weeks when she ramped up "Don't Keep Your Day Job."

Why? James and Cathy were focusing people's attention on their products by appearing in podcasts where potential customers were hanging out.

Sounds interesting? Exciting? Exhausting? You're right on all counts.

So, would a podcast tour work for you? Let's find out.


What is a podcast tour?

When you interview on multiple podcasts in a short, concentrated timeframe, it's called doing a podcast tour. And while the episodes are released over time, depending on the podcasts' schedules, you usually record all the interviews with different podcast hosts in one or two weeks.

Authors and entrepreneurs often use podcast tours to promote a new book, product or service launch. Sometimes podcast hosts will focus on the actual products. In that case, you answer questions to explain them in detail during the discussion.

But in other interviews, you discuss stories, problems and solutions in that niche. In those episodes, the host will invite you to talk about your product or services towards the end. That's your chance to plug your own show, website, YouTube channel, Twitter or other social channels where people can learn more.

Man promoting his book on podcasts

Why go on a podcast tour?

How do you know if taking a podcast tour is the right decision for your business. Let's examine the benefits:

  1. Podcast tours are less stressful than a traditional book or press tour because you don't have to travel so far. Some podcasts are recorded in studios, but many interviews are done remotely. So, you don't pay expensive airfares or hotel and meal costs. Time is your main cost on a podcast tour. You may devote several days to podcast interviews, but you won't be away from home for weeks.
  2. You'll convert many listeners into happy customers. It takes time to convince people that your product or service will solve their problem. It's quite likely they've never heard of you before. Or, the audience may know your name but not what you stand for. So, the first interview builds awareness. The next interview they hear builds on that familiarity, and some listeners will click on a link in the show notes or do a voice search to learn more. The more they hear about you, the more likely they will buy. (Remember Atomic Habits? I bought that book after hearing Clear's third interview.)
  3. Podcast tours provide an excellent avenue for building SEO. Getting the right search terms into article and podcast descriptions helps your episodes appear in Google searches. You'll also gather a heap of backlinks in the episode show notes, website articles and social media releases which all point back to your website. (Learn more about podcast backlinks here.) Instead of your name and product (or service) occasionally appearing over time, you get many mentions in a few weeks.
  4. Tours bring potential customers to your website. Create your own articles and videos based on each episode to promote them to your audience, friends and current customers. At the same time, that extra content provides more value to potential customers when they visit your website after hearing an interview. Don't forget to add a CTA to sign up for your newsletter.
  5. Builds social proof by repurposing clips, quotes and other graphics around each interview. Put out Tweets to start discussions around the interview theme and link them to the episode when it airs. Try Instagram and Facebook posts showing controversial or fascinating quotes to entice your audience to listen. Mention each podcast in your newsletter. You could even put video clips onto TikTok or YouTube to help people realize the episode is worth downloading.
  6. Podcast tours build awareness of your expertise among other audiences. As we'll see below, you'll cast your net beyond podcasts in your immediate niche by appearing on shows in related categories too. These help build your authority, encouraging other podcast hosts to invite you to their shows.
  7. Broaden your network. Get to know other influencers in your niche by appearing on their podcasts. At the same time, build a reputation as an excellent guest by being personable, easy to interview and providing outstanding value every time. You may not realize it, but word gets around.  Another host might listen to one of your podcasts, then contact the podcaster to get their opinion of you as a guest. Word will spread, and you'll find podcast hosts very amenable to interviewing you when you have a positive reputation.

How to complete your first podcast tour

Imagine this scenario.

Caroline's a wellness coach who helps local businesses build their team cultures. Her company is thriving but needs to expand. Caroline has created a live online course to help her coach teams in other cities and countries without leaving home.

Podcast interviews could be the perfect way to reach potential clients, so let's see how Caroline might use Rephonic to plan her podcast tour.


Unless you're a megastar it's wise to start with smaller, niche podcasts and build up to larger ones as your reputation grows.

#1. Decide on your search terms. List combinations of SEO keywords, categories, subcategories and your niche.  Caroline's search terms include:

List of possible search terms for a wellness coach pitching to business podcasts

#2. Create a Rephonic list called Podcast Tour.

#3. Open the list and select “Add more podcasts.”


#4. Enter one search term into the Rephonic search bar and filter the search using other words from your list.

#5. Scroll down the podcasts and select any that look suitable to add to your Podcast Tour list.

#6. Narrow down your list by investigating each podcast. Selecting a podcast title brings up its data page, with detailed information on listener numbers, social engagement, website links and more. Click the Listen button to check out recent episodes.


Read 'How to get interviewed on podcasts' to learn more researching essentials.


Once you have at least ten (preferably more) podcasts on your tour list it's time to research them more thoroughly so that you're well prepared to pitch each host. This means doing a lot of listening! Check out our detailed Podcast Pitching Guide to see all the steps.


Click the "Send a Pitch" button to bring up a selection of pitch templates when you're ready to reach out to a podcast host and copy their email address.

Three pitch template choices in Rephonic


The interview is your chance to shine by providing entertainment and exceptional value. Great interviews don't happen by chance, so you must go into them well-prepared. We asked the experts for their top tips on podcast interviews, and here's what they told us.


Your responsibilities don't stop with the interview; the real value lies in taking opportunities to promote it far and wide. If you're lucky, the podcast host has a guest promotion kit with social media graphics, newsletter announcements and episode links ready to share. However, if not, it's well worth creating your own graphics and newsletter content.

Promoting your podcast

Looking for a better way to find and pitch podcasts for your tour?

Rephonic has links to podcasts in any category or niche, making it quick and easy to find, research and pitch the best shows for your tour.

Read our complete guide about getting booked on the right podcasts with Rephonic, or start straight away with a free trial.

Lyn McNamee

Lyn McNamee

Writer at Rephonic

Find, pitch and get featured on podcasts

Rephonic gives you listener numbers, contacts, demographics and more across 2.5m+ podcasts.

Lyn McNamee

Lyn McNamee

Writer at Rephonic

Find, pitch and get
featured on podcasts

Rephonic gives you listener numbers, contacts, demographics and more across 2.5m+ podcasts.