Podcast Pitch Deck Template & Example

If you're serious about podcasting, there will be times when you need a visual presentation showing all the information about your podcast in one handy format.

That's where having a thoughtful, well-constructed podcast pitch deck can make all the difference.

What is a podcast pitch deck?

A podcast pitch deck is a set of slides podcast creators use to display their podcast concept and details to potential sponsors, investors or partners. It includes slides about the podcast's target audience and listeners, the content style and episode structure, the host and revenue possibilities.

A pitch deck is more than a dry recital of facts. It's a visual presentation of your podcast brand, so it should include information in words, images, graphs, and infographics. E.g., your podcast logo, photos of the hosts, a graph showing the growth in listener numbers, etc.

Why might you need a podcast pitch deck?

Use your podcast pitch deck as a presentation tool to explain your show's vision, ethics, direction, and voice to potential sponsors, investors, and backers. It can stand alone or be a useful visual aid as you talk to a meeting (both in-person and online.)

It's also helpful when pitching to become part of a podcast network or when you're entering to win an award. You might even use a pitch deck when exploring crowdfunding options or podcast grants.

Whenever you want to collaborate or seek support, use a well-created pitch deck to give visual insights into your business and podcast.

How to create a podcast pitch deck

Brainstorm & research

You could start a deck by winging it and hoping your vision shines through. Ultimately, it's quicker and easier to brainstorm ideas and gather information for your presentation before you start creating the slides.

Brainstorming for a podcast pitch deck

Consider these ideas:

  • What's your podcast vision?
  • What podcast information might you include?
  • What slogans or catchphrases are associated with your podcast?
  • What are the most vital points to put in a summary of your podcast & purpose?
  • What unique perspectives or USPs (unique selling points) can you share?
  • Gather revenue data. For example, what do you make now? What improvements could increase revenue? What's the best way to display the data?

You could also try going through the sections in our Podcast Planning Template. Answering the questions posed in the article could bring up more pitch deck information and ideas.

Choose your presentation software

Customize a template in your preferred presentation software. You can find free pitch deck templates in PowerPoint, Google Slides and Canva.

Podcast pitch deck templates on PowerPoint
Pitch deck templates in PowerPoint 

Organize into sections

Keep the project on track by establishing categories for your slides. For example:

  1. Introducing your podcast
  2. Associated people, e.g., podcast host, producer
  3. Values & themes
  4. Target audience and listener demographics
  5. Analysis - What makes your podcast great? How does it compare with other podcasts in your niche or industry? What differences make it stand out?
  6. Website, contact details, social media etc.


Here's where using a template from your chosen presentation tool comes in handy. Pitch deck templates will likely have pre-designed pages ready to customize.

Canva presentation template
Example: Here's a free Canva template designed by Noisy Frame

In Canva you can adjust the color palette and font to suit your podcast colors on one slide and select "Change All" to populate your changes across every slide.

Podcast pitch deck template on Canva
Noisy Frame free template after using "Change All"

Podcast pitch deck template & example

Slide 1 - Title Slide (show your brand)

  • Podcast name/logo
  • Podcast description in one sentence
  • Your name

Slide 2 - Executive Summary

  • The central theme of the show
  • Why people listen
  • Format
  • Categories
  • Host
  • Number of episodes
  • Average length
  • Release frequency

Slide 3 - Host/Hosts

Experience including:

  • Strengths
  • Background
  • Why they're engaging

Slide 4 - Target Audience

  • Demographics/psychographics
  • Pain points
  • Data/market research

Slide 5 - Production

  • Equipment and software
  • Quality plans for improvement

Slide 6 - Competitive Analysis

  • Identify key competitors in your niche. (Here's where you can use Rephonic's graph tool to find what other shows your audience is listening to.)
  • Analyze their strengths and weaknesses
  • Explain how your podcast differentiates itself

Slide 7 - Testimonials or Social Proof

  • Include any endorsements, testimonials, or reviews from early listeners or supporters

Slide 8 - Team

  • Introduce your team members and their roles
  • Highlight their relevant experience and expertise and how it contributes to success
  • Plans for additional team members and why this will improve the show

Slide 9 - Promotion

  • Describe your current marketing and promotional strategy
  • Provide examples of current tactics

Slide 10 - Growth Plan (listener numbers)

  • Present roadmap for growth in listener numbers including strategies

Slide 11 - Growth plan (audience engagement)

  • Roadmap for audience engagement including strategies

Slide 12 - Growth Plan (financials)

  • Roadmap for monetization including costs, revenue, profit, assumptions

Slide 13 - Ask

  • Clearly state what you are seeking from investors, sponsors, or backers
  • Where this money will go
  • How it will help you achieve your goals

Slide 14 - Next Steps

  • Thank you
  • CTA
  • Contacts: email, social media handles, website

Final thoughts (TL;DR)

Taking your podcast to the next level may involve pitching sponsors or potential investors to convince them of your podcast's current and potential value.

A pitch deck can be an engaging part of a successful pitch. It provides a visual presentation of your podcast, demonstrating where you are now and your aspirations for future growth.

Creating a podcast pitch deck also presents an excellent opportunity to dig deep into your podcast and perhaps see it in a new light. Indeed, it may be the first time you've thoroughly analyzed your show. So, if you're ready to grow, now's the time to use our pitch deck template to create your presentation.

Step out with new confidence in your podcast. Grab our podcast pitch deck template today.

Lyn McNamee

Lyn McNamee

Writer at Rephonic

Find, pitch and get featured on podcasts

Rephonic gives you listener numbers, contacts, demographics and more across 2.5m+ podcasts.

Lyn McNamee

Lyn McNamee

Writer at Rephonic

Find, pitch and get
featured on podcasts

Rephonic gives you listener numbers, contacts, demographics and more across 2.5m+ podcasts.