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Let subscriber numbers inform you

Getting featured on podcasts is one of the most effective ways to get your message out. There are now more than two million shows to choose from, so narrow down your target list by looking at listener numbers.

Analyzing subscriber demographics is key. Podcast hosts want guests and sponsors that will resonate with their audience, so make sure you're a good fit before reaching out.

Podcast listener numbers and demographics.

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Trustworthy podcast subscriber numbers

Whether you're looking for shows with a small but engaged audience or ones that reach more listeners, use Rephonic's podcast database to narrow down the list of shows worth connecting with.

Rephonic estimates the number of listeners per episode across most active podcasts giving you an independent benchmark for podcast data.

Number of listeners per episode for Hidden Brain podcast.

Understand the gender skew

Get an estimate of the proportion of male and female subscribers for most podcasts in Rephonic's database.

Use this information to see which podcasts match your target audience. The better aligned the audiences are, the better the opportunity to convert listeners into customers or followers.

Podcast gender skew.

See how engaged a podcast's subscribers are

Rephonic calculates the average podcast engagement rate for each social media channel we find them on by looking at their recent posts.

Compare these scores and identify the best podcasts to pitch. Get featured on podcasts where the audience is more likely to take action.

Podcast audience engagement rates.

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Found the perfect show? View a list of other related and highly relevant podcasts that share the same audience demographics.

Uncover hidden opportunities to target smaller podcasts with overlapping subscribers.

Find similar podcasts with the Rephonic 3D graph.

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Identifying the right podcasts to feature on will make or break your campaign. Rephonic provides everything you need to pitch the best shows.

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