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Launching a podcast?

Podcasts are growing in popularity and starting your own is a great way to drive brand awareness or create a new revenue stream.

Rephonic is a database of over two million podcasts that provides listener numbers, demographics, contacts, reviews and more so you can make better decisions and grow your audience fast.

Podcast listener growth year on year.

Level up your podcast launch with insights

Find shows in your niche

Use the search tool to find podcasts that cover the topics relevant to you. Seek out potential partners or check out your competition.

Use advanced filters to narrow your search to the right shows, like marketing podcasts with more than 5000 listeners that skew female.

Check their stats and social media

See how popular a show is by checking our database to see how they perform in the charts and how many followers they have on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and more.

Explore their recent content for inspiration using the social media links provided or mention it in your cross-promo pitch.

Popular social network logos.

Discover related podcasts

Found a show that interests you? View a list of other related and highly relevant podcasts that share the same audience of subscribers.

Discover an untapped niche for your show or uncover hidden cross-promotional opportunities to grow your audience.

Find similar podcasts with the Rephonic 3D graph.

See episode snippets for any show

Get episode summaries for every podcast and listen through the Rephonic interface to understand their content better before pitching.

See how many episodes there are in total and when they released their most recent episode.

Listen to latest podcast episodes on Rephonic.

Get up-to-date contact info

Send personalised emails to potential partners quickly and easily. Rephonic provides contact information for over two million shows.

Launch a consistent cross-promotion strategy and grow your audience organically and at low-cost.

Level up your podcast launch

Having the right insights to make good decisions will make or break your new venture. Rephonic provides everything you need to get content ideas, find potential partners and grow your audience.

Listener Data

Listener Numbers
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Podcast Information

Contact Info
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Social Links

Pitch Planning Tools

Topic Search
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Concierge Service

Start researching podcasts

Everything you need to get content ideas and find cross-promotional opportunities.
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Everything you need for podcast outreach and research

Rephonic reveals valuable podcast data so you can pitch the right shows and maximize opportunities.

Guest Appearances

Discover relevant podcasts, reach out and get booked. Get your message out to the right listeners.

PR for Clients

Find podcast PR opportunities for your clients with our podcast media database. Get more bookings.


Grow your audience by researching the most relevant shows to partner with and cross-promote.


Advertise your business by discovering the top podcasts in your industry that share your target audience.

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