12 Podcast Guest Tips to Help You Ace Your Appearance

You sent a bunch of pitches and finally you got your first invitation to feature as a guest on the perfect podcast. So what should you do to prepare for your appearance?

You'll want to make sure that you capture the attention of the audience, make a good impression and get your message across effectively.

Before the show

Make sure you're up-to-date on the topic

Being an expert in your field doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stop learning. Make sure to read up on the latest developments on your topic of field of expertise before going onto the show and look for a few new interesting stats to share with the listeners.

Prepare a few answers

What types of questions is the host likely to ask you? You could ask them for the questions ahead of time, or listen to a few previous episodes to understand their typical style.

Practice your answers and make sure to deliver your message clearly (but don't rote learn them, you want to sound natural). People love to listen to anecdotes, so try to think of any you can tell.

Get to know the host's work

Check out the podcast's official website and social media feeds to understand the kinds of topics usually covered. Listen to at least two previous episodes of the show.

By researching the show properly, you'll know what has been covered already, so you make sure that information doesn't get repeated.

Suggest a few talking points

If you want to share your expertise on a subject, it’s a good idea to set the agenda, and to not leave it all to the host. You could send the host a few friendly suggestions or an outline prior to your appearance.

But keep in mind that some hosts prefer a more spontaneous chat (this will become clear if you listen to a few previous episodes).

Prepare your audio (and video) setup

If you take away one piece of advice from this guide, it's to make sure that you have the best possible audio setup ready for your guest appearance or interview. Try to find a spot without any background noise and try get hold of a decent microphone.

Some podcasters publish video too, so the same advice applies. Pick a spot with a neutral and professional-looking background

It’s always a good idea to do a test run with a friend.

Recording a guest appearance on a podcast

During the show

Keep your answers tight

As a guest, you may be tempted to explain every last detail about your area of expertise, but it's best to keep your answers concise. Let the host have some air.

Call the host by their name

When you're answering the host’s questions, don’t be afraid to use his or her first name! It will create a bond and keep things warm and light-hearted.

Refer back to previous episodes

It's nice to reference previous episodes of the podcast during your interview. This shows the audience and the host that you care about the show, and that you made some effort to do your homework. It will probably be highly appreciated and makes it more likely for the host to ask you back on to their show in the future.

Give a clear call to action

Be sure to close your interview with a clear call to action. Tell the audience to do something specific, like visit your website or pre-order your book, but it should be relevant to the listeners and tied to the conversation in some way.

You may consider offering a discount or special offer. That way you can track conversions so that you have some idea whether the guest appearance was a success.

After the show

Engage with the audience

Once the episode has been recorded and published, be sure to monitor the podcast's social media accounts and interact with any podcast listeners who are commenting on your appearance there.

Share your episode widely

Obviously don't forget to share your episode on your own social media accounts, website and email list. Make sure to tag or mention the host.

You might want to post on social media before the episode airs to build up anticipation for it. Encourage your followers to tune in!

Say thanks

Take the time to personally thank the host for having you on their show. They'll appreciate it.


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James Potter

James Potter

Founder at Rephonic

Find, pitch and get featured on podcasts

Rephonic gives you listener numbers, contacts, demographics and more across 2.5m+ podcasts.

James Potter

James Potter

Founder at Rephonic

Find, pitch and get
featured on podcasts

Rephonic gives you listener numbers, contacts, demographics and more across 2.5m+ podcasts.